Nostalgic Wednesdays: Remembering Dean Moon

As much as I love Japanese ingenuity, appreciate German engineering and Italian styling, I have a special place for American Hotrods. Today’s Nostalgic Wednesday is about Mr. Dean Moon.

Dean Moon

Who is Dean Moon? Dean Moon was a ” gear head” from Santa Fe Springs California who started at a young age building his first race car behind his dad’s cafe.

Event Coverage: The 4th Annual All Team Bash

Four years ago one man had an idea. An idea that translated into the single largest car meet that Houston now sees on a yearly basis.
Kimo, head honcho for SunWorks, a local Houston area car club that now has spanned over the nation through different chapters, brainstormed an idea that would unite Houston area car clubs for one event. Instead of competing with each other to see who had the best rides, he envisioned that clubs would get together and get to know one another, and instead compete for who had the best barbecue. The meet was christened, “All Team Bash”.

Holy Jeebus

G's up, Ho's down

Dem Asses

You KNOW they're hot.


Got an email a few days ago from Mr. Luke Huxham from about a video he would be releasing about the infamous Rauh-Welt posse from Japan. Luke dropped the video last night, and if you have a few minutes to spare check it out, it is worth every moment.

In Luke’s words,

“270 minutes is the time it took to drive to Tsukuba Circuit, 420 minutes was spent behind the camera filming the event, 15 minutes was spent drinking 4 liters of liquids and relaxing in the shade away from the blistering heat, 2,520 minutes was spent editing and color grading the video. 3,225 minutes was spent in total to make a 8 minute and 7 second film. This is what I do, my name is Luke Huxham and I make films.”

Check it.

– JohnP