On The Run: Sumo Dinh’s Purple Stuff S13.

Sugar. Water. And of course, purple.

When me and Mikey set out to embark on a 6 hour (7 with breaks) drive in a cramped Mazda Miata for New Orleans, we didn’t know what to expect. The idea was to check out the local car scene in Louisiana and to also keep a look out for any cool cars that we wanted to feature later when we would come back. I had a few cars in mind that I wanted to check out in person, and one such car was Sumo Dinh’s S13 coupe which had just come out of the body shop wearing a new purple suit…

Grimace would be proud

Sumo is all smiles, as he should be, since he just had red beans and rice

Random Snap: One Night in New Orleans.

It’s been a while. Between work, school and me moving into Downtown Houston, i’ve been pretty busy. But before summer school starts, I wanted to take a small trip to an area that doesn’t get much media attention- Louisiana. As me and Mikey drove for six hours down the I-10 freeway in a tiny Miata, I was hoping that we’d find some interesting things. And we did. Here’s a quick shot of what’s going down in the Crescent City.

Corey Buckley aka Detoxx laying down a fatty.

More to come…

Nostalgic Wednesdays: BMW 3.0 CSL – Das Batmobil


It was 5:30pm, as I was sluggishly driving on SW Freeway 59 on my way ¬†home from work, i noticed a flat bed beside me. As the truck rolled forward, i noticed a rare beauty, it was a red 70’s BMW 2002. Oh the body was perfect, paint was immaculate, original factory rims, no tint, it was a like a lady in her chariot heading to the spa.

I was enjoying it’s beauty for at least 10mins, then I thought to my self, ” Nostalgic Wednesday eh?!”; NAH, maybe next week. Because my mind started to drift away from the 2002 and shifted my thoughts to it’s hotter sister -The BMW 3.0 CSL a.k.a. (or her stripper name) “the Batmobile” .