Event Coverage: The Texas Mile (March 2011)

Most people know or have a rough estimate of how fast they are in a quarter mile, but have you ever wondered how fast your car or bike can go in a standing mile? The Texas Mile, now held 3 times a year, is a national event held at an old airport in Goliad, TX, where speed demons zoom down a runway to see what their top speed is at the 1 mile mark.  220 participants registered for unlimited runs down the mile for either 2 or 3 days while 30 others were on the waiting list to take up the spots of any cancellations or no shows.  I wanted to test my bimmer out there, but I had to hold back the awesome power of my 150HP BMW 323i as I still had to get back to Houston.

A sea of speed demons waiting to go balls out.

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Nostalgic Wednesdays: Images of Formula 1 Classics

It’s F1 Season! After watching the Australian Grand Prix, I remembered I had a classic F1 pictures folder; pictures that I have collected scouring the interwebs during my sleepless nights. It’s amazing how these cars developed in design and technology over time.  I probably have over 100 pictures of classic Formula 1 moments and this Nostalgic Wednesday I have selected a few of my favorites for your viewing pleasure.


Moss in BRM 1959

Ferrari 512 around "the Ring's" Karussell 1964

87' Ayrton Senna in his Lotus 99T

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Event Coverage: Mazda Miata Mini Meeting.

When the infamous Linhbergh Nguyen of SpeedHunters fame asked me to put together a makeshift Mazda Miata meet here in Houston, I thought to myself, “how in the hell am I going to pull this off?”. It’s no secret that Linhbergh fancies the Mazda roadster, and if you just google “Linhbergh Miata”, you’ll find example after example of his work.

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Announcement: The MaydayGarage x SpeedHunters All Japanese Nostalgic Car Meet.

MaydayGarage has teamed up with our good friends at SpeedHunters to bring you the MaydayGarage/SpeedHunters All Japanese Nostalgic Car Meet this Friday, April 1st!

Located in the heart of Downtown Houston, this meet will take place at MoonTower Inn, Houston’s BEST hotdog stand serving exotic meats such as duck, wild boar, pheasant, lamb, venison, and rabbit all served on a warm pretzel bun. MoonTower Inn is also known for their excellent draft beer and huge outdoor venue. A popular spot for cyclists and foodies, MoonTower Inn is also hugely popular with the best chefs in Houston.

Moon Tower Inn
3004 Canal
Houston, TX 77003

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This meet will be held on the streets (very wide) surrounding MoonTower Inn and will start at 5pm sharp. If you want to get your classic JDM ride some serious exposure on MaydayGarage and SpeedHunters‘ blogs, be sure to be there before 7pm where the sunlight is at it’s optimum.

This All Japanese Nostalgic Car Meet is geared towards all Japanese makes pre-1990. Whether they are Datsun 510′s, 240Z’s, Toyota Coronas, Celicas, AE86′s, Mazda RX3′s, RX-7′s or Honda Civic EF’s, everyone is welcomed to attend and both MaydayGarage and SpeedHunters will be looking for unique rides to feature.

So come out and have some great beer and an exotic hotdog and meet your fellow JDM Classic brethren!

Check out Moontower’s Facebook Page!



Event Coverage: TX2K11 Night Meet and Bikini Contest.

Coffee and Cars happens every month, and it’s been getting bigger and bigger with each meeting. And if you’re a morning person, Coffee and Cars is definitely something you don’t want to miss, but what if you’re a night owl? Where do you turn to? What is THE meet to be? Unless you’ve been hibernating for the last few years, everyone that lives in Houston knows, you CANNOT miss the TX2K night meet hosted by HPD (Houston Performance Driving, not Houston Police Department!).

Pretty much my favorite car there. Yes, I like domestic cars.

Supras were the main stars at this event

Live music, Fast cars and hot scantily clad women. Heaven.

Mikey never disappoints.

If you're offended by half naked ladies, you should not be reading this

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Event Coverage: Import Reactor 2011

Import Reactor, one of Houston’s last surviving Import Tuner shows. Import Reactor, like last year, ended up being a good time, but unlike last year, it took place in a new location and therefore suffered a bit logistically. When I arrived on the first day (Friday), I thought the event would surely end up in disaster. A Japanese themed car show tied with an Anime Convention (Anime Matsuri) that occurred within the same vicinity as the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. It was like throwing gas on a fire, especially day one. Starting off it was a logistical nightmare, the hotel had forgotten to reserve spots for the car show overnight, so at the butt crack of dawn the Import Reactor crew had a TON of hotel guests sitting within the car show vicinity. This led to a full day of back tracking for the organizers of the car show itself. Therefore, when we arrived, it was chaos.



After meeting up with Paul Morgan, Jace, and Tito (the organizers of Import Reactor) I could tell that something was not right. The guys already were fighting up hill because the venue was not an ideal location for a car show, but this was a whole different ballgame, they were in a bit of trouble, and trying to make due with what they had. Not only did these guys not have their main guest, Smoky Nagata, but they also were not going to be debuting the V12 Supra from Top Secret because of the recent Tsunami disaster in Japan. All around, these guys were having a pretty tough time.

Joe's all business GS, was not playin' that day.

Joe's all business GS, was not playin' that day.

But, to the mere organizer, these factors would have shut them down and made them run away with their tails between their legs, but not these guys. The team of Import Reactor by day two had pulled the show together and had things moving along pretty damn smoothly.

Nostalgic Love.

Nostalgic Love.

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Nostalgic Wednesdays: 1984-1989 Toyota MR2

The first generation MR2 (AW10/AW11) would be my favorite out of the 3 generations.It was Toyota’s experimental project with the Lotus corporation in its prototype phase of the M90 concept. It’s name ment “Midship Runabout 2-seater” also dubbed as the “poor man’s Ferrari” or “mini-Ferrari” by some, it was something that you wouldn’t expect from Toyota.

it's official when its on Watanabes.

Toyota, well known for producing economical and practical family cars; created a non-practical 2 seater, light weight, mid-engined compact that wasn’t even really born to be a sports car, but was just a fun enjoyable cruiser.  The MR2 was the first japanese car to use the MR layout. Enjoyable cruiser? Definitely! Strategically bolt in the legendary 16V 4AG-E, later on supercharging it making a 4AG-ZE, then loading it with Momo commissioned steering wheel and shift knob. The slapping in some Recaro Seats and branding it “Super Edition”..lightweight high reving roadsters; now THAT’s classic DNA of a sport compact car!

Traces of Toyota are still visible in a Lotus. As of today, it is still rumored that Lotus is still in subtle contact with Toyota ; visible in the Esprit’s, the Trueno tail lights, and the Elise and Exige using the Matrix XRS’ VVTL-i 1.4 motor.

Sadly, the succeeding generations of the MR2 died slowly in my book. Toyota needs to bring some Midship goodness back!




Event Coverage: TX2K11 Supra/GTR Nationals.

What started as a small, but high quality gathering of Toyota Supras at the old RSI on the west side of Houston nearly 10 years ago, has now become a full on, balls-to-the-wall, super, mega, ginormous, humangous sized, freakishly high horsepower meet. Did I leave anything out? Me and my roommate, fellow photographer Khiem, have made coming to TX2K events a yearly ritual, just like Christmas. Except with Christmas, I don’t have to request off of work to attend. TX2K11 spans across four action packed, crazy days of track, dyno, show, and drag at various venues. Khiem, owning a single turbo, 2JZ-GTE SC300, understands the need for high horsepower events that includes imports. So armed with our DSLR’s, we joined the 1000+ attendees on our favorite day, the TX2K11 dyno/show and shine day.

This Supra was absolute nuts.

So round and delicious, that ass never gets boring to see.

Two Jay Zee, no shit.

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