Breaking News: Smoky Nagata Will Be Bringing His V12 Toyota Supra to the 2011 Texas Mile

Well it looks like things will be getting interesting this year in Texas for a few things, but this particular instance takes the cake. Legendary Japanese tuner Smoky Nagata returns to Texas for the 2011 year and this time he is bringing some heat with his one-off V12 Toyota Supra making an appearance at local car show Import Reactor and will be looking to break records at the Texas mile. The release can be found at Speedhunters.

Picture Courtesy of Linhbergh Nguyen

Picture Courtesy of Linhbergh Nguyen

— JohnP

Nostalgic Wednesday: THE FERRARI 288 GTO Evoluzione

the Evoluzione Project

the evoluzione project

I don’t know where to start, but I will say that the Ferrari F40 is just too awesome in epic proportions of all time!!! (Insert Kanye West). A car that needs no introduction is the F40, for the car itself is already an introduction.  Rated by many automotive enthusiasts as one of the greatest super cars ever built. The F40 was the last car commissioned by the late Enzo Ferrari, built to celebrate 40 years of production at Maranello.

born to be wild

To most, the F40 is the titan of Ferraris, the late Enzo’s last hurrah, his Mona Lisa! Sorry to break hearts but, as much as I adore the F40, it is a rehash of our today’s Nostalgic Wednesday topic. I know it’s a bold statement to say but it is a known fact that the F40 was built as a downgraded road worthy version of the 288 GTO Evoluzione.

Nostalgic Wednesday: The Alfa Romeo 155 TI V6 DTM

So while playing GranTurismo and thinking of what would be a good topic for Nostalgic Wednesday, it dawned upon me, my love for the original DTM cars!!! Meanwhile I was having a debate with my good ol’ friend about what would be an all-time favorite DTM car. As much as I love the Mercedes 190e and the BMW e30 m3, there is another that I have a special kind of love for, the Alfa Romeo 155 TI V6 racecar.