End of Line. Full Frontals.

I wanted to end the 2010 year with a quick mini compilation of some front end shots of some of the cars that we’ve featured. Click on each picture for that car’s feature!

Justin Rogers' Nissan 240sx S14

Risi Competitzione's Ferrari FXX

Phuc Nguyen's Honda Civic EG Hatchback

David Ho's 993 Porsche

Carl Fehres' Porsche Carrera

Shannon Kobashigawa's AE86 Levin Coupe

Greg Lily's AP1 Honda S2000

Tyler Calhoun's Subaru Impreza WRX

Khanh Le's Datsun 240Z

Kevin Tran's Lexus RX330

Steve Nuss' Toyota Supra Turbo

Ty Nguyen's Audi A4

Tim Zaks Acura RSX Turbo

Princeton Wong's Porsche Carrera 2

Greg Strube's BMW E30 M3

Van Luong's Datsun 240Z S30

Hajime Maki's Nissan 240sx S14

Joe Nuss' Toyota Corolla AE86 Hatchback

Desktop versions of these photos can be found HERE!
Have a great new year!

Nostalgic Wednesdays: DEKOTORA

Tuesday night, while I was having dinner and watching reruns of Top Gear, I  received a text message from JohnP asking me what are we having for Nostalgic Wednesdays?   Hmmmm what would be a fitting topic to end 2010? Then he said,  “something Japanese for sure” and I replied, “something ricey!” Bozosoku? Nope! Since 2010 was an awesome year for MaydayGarage, we need something bigger, brighter and wilder to celebrate the end of this epic year.

Why not reminisce the highly decorated colorful trucks from Japan,

Dekotora (デコトラ).

lol wut Optimus Prime?

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Behind The Scenes At Mayday Garage 2010.

2010 was an exciting time for us here at Mayday Garage, we traveled across the US as we covered drift events, car shows and everything in between! We strive to get you the best quality in photos for anything we cover. Whether it’s car features, car shows or motorsports, we have the same goal no matter what, and that’s to provide a unique angle on how we think you guys may want to see things. Everyone on board is first and foremost, a ricer. We’ve seen it all, and have been to every car show, meet, event in Texas for over 10 years minimum. We know what we get jaded on seeing, we understand what you guys normally see on a day to day basis thanks to the internet, so we try to be a teeny bit different. We also pride ourselves in the photo quality we provide. So I’d like to take you on a side you may not normally see. Behind the scenes.

Team MaydayGarage Totem Pole. (I said pole, ha ha!)

Yeah, we're obsessed.

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Santa’s New Ride: David Ho’s Porsche 993 Carrera Cabriolet

It was Saturday, December 4th, 7:00am, and Mayday Mikey was banging at my door at the crack of dawn. I opened my eyes to quite possibly one of the worst hangovers ever after an epic night of beer pong and ol’ fashioned whiskey cocktails. Why was he waking me up? Simple, Cars and Coffee, and the December 4th event would end up being worth every hangover moment because little did I know that we would be encountering a gem that day..

Nothing wrong with starting from behind.

Nothing wrong with starting from behind.

Arriving to that day’s Cars and Coffee was quite overbearing as the number of cars was easily 700 plus of all varieties. As we started moving about like hawks on a mission looking for a diamond in the rough, there it was. David Ho’s pearl white Porsche Carrera with red leather Recaro Buckets, slammed on RUF racing wheels. It literally made jaws drop as it sat there hammered, subtlety adding to the scenery. The search was on for the owner and luckily enough we caught Mr. Ho as he was about to leave. We exchanged information and the story began…

A Diamond in the rough.

A Diamond in the rough.

Rewind < <

A few weeks prior to the December 4th Cars and Coffee the Mayday Crew was sitting at a café where we were attempting to mastermind what our Christmas shoot theme would be for 2010. It took a bit, but Mayday David threw it out, Santa and his Sleigh. Now being that we are from Houston Texas there are few things that we never really encounter, one being snow, which is obvious because as I write this feature it is currently 80 degrees outside, and the other is reindeer. So up came the creativity. A convertible car would be the sleigh and horses as reindeer…but where the hell were we going to get someone to loan us horses to pull a Porsche as a sleigh?

Santa lost weight?

Santa lost weight?

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Nostalgic Wednesdays: Toyota Starlet (KP61)

little red driving hood.

The underestimated autocross beast.

colors back then were simple. red white yellow green. no cosmic pearl metallic off eggshell white

Introduced in the US back when VCRs were dope, Starwars and Jaws were taking over the box office; the time that the Toyota starlet (KP61) rose from the east as an answer to the first oil crisis.

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Random Snap(s): Wintery FD.

Here in Texas, we really don’t get too much of a winter if you’re south of Dallas. Even further down south, in Victoria, TX, winters are even more scarce. That didn’t stop Karissa Lynne from capturing these beautiful pictures of her (yes, I said her) FD3S on Do-Luck Double-Sixes in a nice Fall setting.


It's got gas.

Be sure to check out her FLICKR page and her BLOG!

A Random Snap: California Hip Hop.

Your eyes are not fooling you, what you see is a white convertible Ferrari California driven by a “Cougar” with a pink license plate that says “HipHop”. I caught this rare sight in front of City Hall in downtown Houston during a photo shoot and unfortunately this is the only photo I got. Right after she saw me take the photo she layed a fatty and took off like a bat out of hell. It was awesome, then I had to change my pants.

Sugar Momma.

Sugar Momma.

“Hey Shortayy!”


– JohnP

Chasing Cars: Carl Fehres 1974 Porsche Carrera Menace.

Here at MaydayGarage we are always on the prowl for wicked cars on the street. Imagine if you will, you are sitting at a starbucks with a couple of your “boys” talking about cars when you hear a rumble that sounds like it was sent from the God of Bomex. To your suprise it is no ricer, nor domestic prey, but a Bavarian beast wrapped in red clothing driving to … a movie theater. This scenario is an exact replica of what happened to MaydayDavidD, Fabio and I as we were hanging out on a crisp night discussing rice when Carl Fehres hammered his menacing Carrera like a bat out of hell right by the Starbucks we are at.

She's got an ass that just won't quit!

Proper stance. Functional, agressive, badass.

Glancing at each other, we yelled “holy shit” and jumped into my GS300 and yelled, “follow that Porsche!”. We didn’t have to travel that far because the Movie theater was literally right down the street from the Starbucks. When we arrived to the Porsche however, there was something odd about the situation at hand. The front lights on the Porsche were off, it had a full cage, and was tailing a hammered E46 M3 with a tow hook very closely. As we pulled my car around the corner we jumped out with a couple of mayday stickers and ran to the Porsche. When we approached the bright red 911, we realized that there was a woman (Carl’s girlfriend) driving the E46 followed by a gent (Carl) providing light for the Porsche with none. Gangster.

We quickly exchanged info, and the rest was history from there.

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Nostalgic Wednesdays: 1974 IROC RSR

If there was a “classic all star game” in the racing world, it would have been the International Race of Champions (IROC). Champions from different branches of racing (SCCA, F1, NASCAR, USAC) participated in a series.

When we hear the abbreviation IROC , we think of the IROC-Z, not a 240Z, 350Z but a Camaro Z28. But as a Porsche RSR fanboy, I would like to raise awareness that before the Camaro IROC-Z, there was a Carrera IROC RSR.

at first i was like RWB? oh IROC. lulz.

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