On the Run Shoot: Robert Turnbow’s Candy MX73 Toyota Cressida

This past weekend we were out at Powerfab Automotive for the dial-in session for the Texas drift cars for the 2011 season.  Being from Texas we are pretty much familiar with most of the cars that rolled out and some even changed their faces for the 2011 season, one person inparticular was Robert Turnbow and his MX73 Toyota Cressida.  When Robert rolled to the event with candy red literally dripping off his frame, we looked, and then smiled.  Usually you catch people on the course with the latter generation 83 like our ol’ buddy Ameen but Robert decided to keep it old school with his x7…

Death, by Sedan

Death, by Sedan

Random Snap: A Datsun Gem for Sale.

I love it when I go through my hard drive to clear files just to find a few gems that I had forgotten about.  The S30 Datsun Fairlady shown below belongs to Dorian Drewery out of Atlanta, at least I hope it still does.  When I went to Formula D road Atlanta earlier this year with Mayday David we just happened to catch Dorian on the Georgian streets outside of a local drift event. Apparently this “Lady” was for sale at the time.  If it was sold, the new owner is one lucky enthusiast.   The attention to detail on this thing is pretty intense and I have some more pictures that I will put up later on.

Bond wishes.

Bond wishes.


— JohnP

Happy Thanksgiving Day from the MaydayGarage Crew!

Jesse: [saying grace] Dear Heavenly… uh…
Leon: Spirit.
Jesse: Spirit. Thank you. Thank you for providing us with the direct-port nitrous… uh… injection, four-core intercoolers, an’ ball-bearing turbos, and… um… titanium valve springs. Thank you.
Leon: Amen!
Dom: Very nice.
Letty: He was praying to the car gods.

Pray to God of Bomex.

Thank your local tuner! Have a safe Turkey Day, everyone!

–The MaydayGarage Crew–

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Nostalgic Wednesdays: Andy Warhol BMW M1 Lemans

Are cars considered art?

If you guys are familiar with Jeff Koon’s 2010 M3 GT2 art car, there were 16 German canvases before it. Out of the 17 BMW art cars created by famous artists, there is one that stands out; Andy Warhol’s BMW 1979 M1 Lemans art car.

Andy Warhol; an American artist, film maker and also a leading figure in the visual art movment known as pop art, was given a blank 1979 BMW M1 lemans track car as a canvas. His goal was to portray speed pictorially such that all lines are blurred as if the car was moving  fast. REALLY Fast.

It took him 23 minutes to complete the whole car, painting it with brushes and stroking it with his hands to give it a little love (his personal touch).

The car totally flowed with all its hard lines and choice of color and strokes. You will notice the detail upon looking closely.

Some say it looks like a United Colors of Benetton track car, some say it’s a copy of van Gogh’s Seascape at Saintes-Maries on a lambo with kidney grills.

When asked if he (Warhol) was satisfied with his finished work, he replied “I love the car; its better than the work of art itself.”

Then my previous question was answered and confirmed by an iconic artist; Yes, cars are works of art on wheels.

The car was raced once on the  24 Hour LeMans in 1979 driven by Manfred Winkelhock (German), Herve Poulain and Marcel Mignot (both from France); it placed 6th overall, and 2nd place in class.

– Mark –
— Mark@maydaygarage.com —

Nostalgic Wednesdays: The Koguchi World 180sx.

I’ve always told myself, if I ever end up with an S13 240sx, I would make it as clean and simple like the famous Koguchi Power 180sx. Nothing to me looks more street style than his car as it was in early Drift Tengoku (Doriten aka Drift Heaven) magazines. The simple classy OEM style body is something overlooked in today’s drift world filled with enormous body kits and double decker wings.

Simple. Classy. Clean. Business.

This is the video found in one of the earliest Drift Tengoku videos ever released.

Mmmmmmmm. Tasty.