Happy Halloween Folks!

Just wanted to take this opportunity to show you guys a couple of snaps I took at the last Planet Zero Monthly Meet. We’ve recently had our eye on a particular Mercedes Benz Wagon, and while the wheels and stance were pretty much on point, what drew us was when fellow photographer D_Fan came up to me and asked me if I had seen the MB Wagon up close that night.

The freaks really DO come out at night.

VIP curtains? What's so intriguing about this MB Wagon?

LOL, hell yeah! Nothing like carrying the dead as cargo!

.....I meant the undead.

I asked the driver for more information about the coffin in the back...

When I didn't get a response, I looked into the rearview mirror. HE'S A ZOMBIE! I don't speak zombie.

Don’t drink and drive or you’ll end up like these two!
–Team MaydayGarage–

OTWeb Video: MotorMavens/Justin Shreeve Films FD Finale.

Storming the interwebs this past week is a video released by MotorMavens and Justin Shreeve Films that has been shared again and again all over car forums and Facebook. This drift video filmed by none other than Justin Shreeve is exactly the type of videos I love, the type of drift video where you get to hear all of the sounds made by the cars- the tires squealing, the crowd cheering, crash crunching sound that a lot of other videos seem to dub over with rock or techno music.

Sit back and watch.

MotorMavens | Formula Drift Finale | Irwindale from Justin Shreeve on Vimeo.


Nostalgic Wednesdays: “Countach” Manga by Umezawa Haruto.

JohnP did a Nostalgic Wednesday on both the ever popular Midnight Wangan and InitialD series Manga in a couple of past entries. I love both of these series, but let’s face it, I’m sure you guys have heard of both before you saw it here. If you’ve been searching for more of these types of Mangas, then you’ve probably came across Shakotan Boogie as well. I’d like to show you guys another Manga in that same style, featuring a very well known Italian car called “Countach” by Umezawa Haruto.

Just another normal day in a Lambo.

The Chreeno Archives pt. 2: Greg Lilly’s Honda S2000 AP1

Up next in the Archives of Chris Reno is a car that belongs to a long time Houston tuner, and huge supporter of what we would call the local tuner “scene”, Greg Lilly. Greg, like many of us just cant seem to shake the tuner habit, and has devoted his life to ricerhood. Now, a father of two he has to juggle his business (Underground Graphics), children (he has 2), and a marriage ( to a very patient wife ). With all of this juggling around Greg still manages to pull off some petty sick builds. Note I said builds, with an “s” because this is the first of two cars that we will be putting up on Mayday Garage from Greg. Although this car has been out of Greg’s possession for a long time and no longer exists in this form it is still a rad ride. Note: The car was shot 2 years ago, for your viewing pleasure.

Badda Bing

Badda Bing

We Need Your Vote! Vote For This MotorMavenette!

Hey guys, MaydayGarage recently got a chance to meet Tailyr Monette, a MotorMavenette during our FormulaD trip out in LA. Tailyr is a down ass chick that’s into cars, and has a chance to be featured in an upcoming Import Tuner Magazine. But she needs your help! Import Tuner is hosting an online competition for upcoming models, and not only is Tailyr a friend of ours, she’s without a doubt, the hottest girl in the competition!

All you have to do is click on this Facebook link, “LIKE” Import Tuner if you haven’t already done so, and “LIKE” Tailyr’s picture! That’s it! You don’t have to leave a comment (although that would be nice), just click on “LIKE”, and you’ve helped us all out!

Click on this picture, and don't forget to "LIKE" her photo!

Do the right thing!
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