The Mayday Capital Run and 512 Project Preview.

We just got back from an intense weekend, and I wanted to share a few photos from our Capital Run and 512 Project event! More to come as me and JohnP sort through our photos and get them uploaded. In the meantime, check out the pictures!

The sun rises on our sleepy asses

What? You think the Capital Run discriminates against Domestics?

Helladumped cars on a track, WTF?

Capital Run:

JohnP happily gives out one of our stickers to our participants

Some last minute adjustments to this S14

Chillin' with the MS3

A tasteful sticker on a tasteful car.

Speaking of stickers. Mikey is the first car to rock our new Back to the Future edition vinyl

The crowds gather around JohnP while he plays his flute.

One seriously badass IS-F rocking some 12 pot brakes

I think this is Houston's lowest RX-8 rollin' with us

Scary Gary's super slammed SC on 20's repped 786 Motoring

Even drift cars were part of our caravan! Fitment does not discriminate.

This LGT rolled hard behind our lead car

This Vertex kitted Z33 was straight ballin' on the Project Mu's

Project 512:

The Fatlace guys at their booth provided music and stickers

This bagged yellow VDub wasn't playin' around

One of my favorites at the show, this B13 Sentra was sporting some very Track Advan tires

We got a chance to meet the AWOL guys, and they were working, of course

Sweat was a common site.

Two slammed Japanese sedans eyeing each other from across the track

Really dumped S2000 on Work VS-XX's

Not gonna lie, I took this pic because the girl in the middle is cute.


Shameless plug

I really liked this 370Z on super polished Work Meister S1's

Team NextStage was out reppin' hard

All the way from Florida, this Jetta had some awesome fitment

Seas of Z's

That's a lot of people.

Look at these two HellaFlush Approved fools!

Stay tuned for more coverage!

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