Blowing Shit Up with New MaydayGarage Stickers!

Today we are introducing our newest batch of one-off stickers!
First up is a sticker I hold dear to my heart, as I am a huge Back to the Future movie fan. 2010 marks the 25th anniversary of this epic movie, so to celebrate, we are debuting our BTTF MaydayGarage sticker in a run of only 50 stickers and will be available at the 512 Project this Saturday!

Yes. We said JIZZAWATTS.

Speaking of the 512 Project, don’t forget that we are hosting this year’s Mayday Capital Run, a twin caravan leaving from both Dallas and Houston Saturday morning to the state’s capital, Austin, TX. To commemorate this year’s run, we have a limited edition Mayday Capital Run sticker for both our Dallas and Houston legs!

This is the Houston edition. The Dallas edition will have 35 on it.

These stickers will be FREE for the FIRST 50 participants (cars) on each leg Saturday morning (after you fill out our waiver form), after that there will be no more!

We also have one more sticker.
I cannot show this sticker online as it is very controversial, and extremely limited. We will be handing out these prototype stickers to a select few at Project 512, so look out for them! I guaran-fucking-tee that these stickers will make you laugh, but I’m not going to spoil it here.

Stay tuned tomorrow as we will be doing some live blogging for those of you that couldn’t make the event! Follow us also on Twitter @MaydayJohnP @MaydayDavidD and also on our Facebook Fan page!


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