Like White On Rice: Steve Nuss’ 97′ MKIV Toyota Supra.

Rice is a word me and JohnP like to use a lot here at MaydayGarage. But not like the way you’re thinking, not in the derogatory sense. You see, we are self proclaimed ricers, we like body kits, we like big wheels and we like crazy big spoilers. Most people think when modifying a car, it’s either RICE or NICE, but why can’t it be both?

Believe it or not, those "sun flares" are not photoshopped!

Over the last few years, having these things on your car meant that you were subject to be called a ricer, which usually isn’t a good thing.

If liking body kits, wings, and oversized rims and tires makes you a ricer, then fuck it, i’m a ricer because I love these things.
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Event Coverage: The NSX Craze 2010 Track Day

The past weekend we ventured out to Grand Sport Speedway to catch up with a couple of buddies and cast our fanboy eyes on a few NSX’s running around the track.  Ever since the 90’s the NSX has been the ultimate ricer mobile.  A timeless chassis, sexy lines, and nimble drive make this queen a ricer’s catch of a lifetime.  So, with that being said, when we caught word that NSX Prime’s Southern Chapter was hosting an all NSX event at GSS in Hitchcock Texas, we were on it, like a chubby kid on ice cream.

Timeless lines

Timeless lines

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Random Snap: Drifting Rig Shot

I follow a lot of blogs, and one hit me in a fuzzy way today. Ste Ho Photography is known for some pretty sick rig shots, and he actually took it one step further, by attempting to take a shot while a car was in mid-drift. The result?


And for some of you guys that think it’s not an actual drift:


Ste Ho Photography

Check out his work!

YESSSSSSSS: Formula 1 returns to the USA. In Austin, Texas!!!!

Someone slap me, is this a dream?

Taken from

Formula One World Championship Limited and Formula One Administration Limited (together, the F1 Commercial Rights Holder) and Full Throttle Productions, LP, promoter of the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™, announce that a historic agreement has been reached for Austin, Texas to serve as the host city of the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™ for years 2012 through 2021.
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Breaking News: The 512 Project, a Stanceworks x Hellaflush Collaboration.

Well, it was only a matter of time before the Stay Fresh Crew over at Fatlace was going to venture their way on down to the to the dirty south. Their first appearance is going to be in collaboration with our good friends over at Stanceworks presenting a new type event known as the 512 PROJECT. The project will focus on the offset movement and is taking place on a private track in Austin, Texas known as “Driveway Austin”. This event will be of EPIC proportions, bringing in the best of the best of the fitment world.  Also, Mayday will be hosting Capital Runs from Houston and Dallas into Austin the morning of the event for roll-in. Non-stop action in on the agenda for the last Saturday of June (the 26th), and you definitely do NOT want to miss out on this. Stay tuned to Mayday Garage for more information to come regarding the Capital Runs to the 512, and more releases regarding the project! Check the 512 PROJECT link below for car registration and event and hotel information.

Oh my, Hardparking on a track? Oh damn!

Get ready!

– JohnP

Lone Star Bash 2010: A Host’s Perspective.

“May 16, 2010 marked the date of the second Lone Star Bash. LSB as we will refer to it is an idea more than anything. Basically by labeling an event such as this, everyone knows exactly what event they need to ALL come out to, all at once. LSB is a date to bring everyone together. There are no draws like prize money, naked import models, trophies, cotton ball smoke on top of mirrors, or any of that. The draw is hanging out with awesome people that think alike, tandeming 10 cars deep with 100 mph entries, partying the night before, and being a part of something big. While the car show scene has died out in the last few years, leaving the giants HIN and NOPI dead, the drift scene has exploded. And yet it has stayed very grass roots at the same time.

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Random Snap(s): Late night S14.

One night after doing a rig shot on an upcoming feature car, we decided to mess around and take a few shots on our guinea pig car, Mikey’s S14. It seems we test a lot of things out on his car. Anywho, they came out kinda blurry, but I thought it’d be fun to share with everyone. Check it out:


Then again, we kinda like to have a little fun….

This is the only PG rated shot we could post


Photos taken by Khiem Pham
Sexy legs by Mikey