Events: SF Wek’Fest 2010 : JapanTown San Francisco

Soooo, this weekend I will be flying out to San Francisco from Texas for what I believe is one of California’s most hype, up and coming car shows, Wek’Fest.  I mean, how can you even deny the fact that these guys over there at Wek’Fest / Wek’Sos sold out of 450 spots in the span of 9 days.  Shit, people better take note because these guys obviously know what they are doing and that is how come I am rolling out there.  First stop will be Fatlace, some restaurants,  then party it up with Ben Terry from Stanceworks, Mayday Mikeyy, and hopefully meet up with Cipher Garage and Motormaven’s own Antonio Alvendia.  Stay tuned for coverage from this event, California’s top Hard Parkers in Japantown San Francisco is definitely something you dont want to miss.  For More information visit WEK-FEST site. Check out that roll call, dayum, I can’t wait!


So who all is going??



From Houston with Love: Princeton Wong’s 1996 Porsche Carrera 2 Monster

In today’s tuner world, innovation is a very rare occurrence. When I say innovation, I am not talking about how creative your fiberglass guy got in modifying your body kit and system. I am talking about the character of a car; the feeling you get when you see a work of art, something that makes you stare and say, ”holy shit.” To be able to take an idea from your mind and execute it in such a way, which not only inspires others but also brings a whole new level of play to the game, is a rare skill. Someone had such a vision for his naturally aspirated Porsche 993 Carrera 2, we are talking a vision circa 2002, Princeton Wong’s vision.

Someone call 911

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Breaking News: Smoky Nagata of Top Secret to Come to Houston!!

On March 31, 2010, Houston will experience the legendary Smoky Nagata of TOP SECRET Japan like no other has before. Smoky, along with one of his trusted Top Secret Mechanics will be coming to Houston as special guests to local Houston car show, Import Reactor. Smoky however, is not just coming as a guest, he will also be tuning TWENTY Nissan cars over the span of THREE DAYS at local tuner shop Secret Services with a new ECU prototype, Top Secret Process.

The Chosen Nissan Cars to be tuned will be selected from the Nissan 350z, Nissan 370z, Infiniti G35, Infiniti G37, and R35 GTR. Over the span of three days, the first two will be PRIVATE tunes only, no public access will be granted. But, on the third day, from 3:00pm until 12:00am the Houston tuning community will look on as Smoky Nagata puts his personal touch on the remaining cars to be tuned.

This is truly a golden opportunity for anyone who has dreamed of having their car tuned by Top Secret Japan. Not only will 20 lucky people be able to meet the one and only Smoky Nagata of Top Secret, but they will also be able to have their cars tuned by him as well.

Meeting Smokey Nagata has always been a dream of mine and in March, Houston will get to experience the legend himself. OH HELL YES!

For more information on this legendary event check

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- JohnP

Rumormill: Houston is about to make History!

At this time tomorrow will be PART of a new chapter in tuning history. It would be one thing if we were just a media group, a group of guys who get the inside scoop or the first ones there…but that’s not who we are. The Mayday Collective even before it’s inception has always pushed the envelope in helping to develop and grow the local tuning community in Texas. Through hardships, drama, and countless days of no sleep, we have collaborated with some of Houston’s finest to bring a different paradigm not only to Houston’s eye, but the rest of the Tuner World. Tomorrow, on February 16, 2010, We, will announce a revolutionary event like no other.

Stay tuned for history in the making, t-minus 24 hours.

- JohnP

OTWeb: Nom15 S15 Render Circa 2006

Well, after catching a glimpse of a particular Army Green S15 that has been floating around the internet for a stint, I couldn’t put my mind to what the car reminded me of. Army green, aggressive front…hmm..then sure enough it clicked. A few years ago I had found this bad ass rendering of a Silvia S15 on Deviant Art, pretty sweet job too if I say so myself. Army Green TE-37s, aggressive stance and awesome paint with some Falken Love. I think that this rendering was an inspiration for the 2nd car below, what do you think?

Nom S15 render

Nom S15 render

S15 @ Spocom, Picture courtesy of

S15 @ Spocom, Picture courtesy of

The person who accomplished that S15 rendering is pretty talented, check out the rest of their work here, the handle is Nom15.


Random Snap: The Things We Do To Get a Good Shot.


So our buddy J.Evins came along with us to help shoot a car this past weekend, and as a photographer, he knows that when it comes to taking photos, sometimes you gotta get creative. Hell, I know this too. I didn’t want to run to my car and get a proper tripod to shoot with, instead, my lazy ass had a makeshift tripod.

Behold, the oil drum tripod!

This is me as a poor photographer.

This is me as a poor photographer.

Touche, J.Evins, touche.