Drift with a dash of Class: Justin Rogers’ Kouki 240sx

It’s not easy building a car that not only turns heads, but also can take a beating at the local drift events. It’s not easy building a drift car that not only has matching body panels, but can also get you around town without waking up the neighborhood with a super loud exhaust. And it definitely is not easy building a car that can stand out in a city that’s 5.7 million people deep.

If you’ve been to any recent drift event here in Houston, TX, you’d be hard pressed to not notice Justin Rogers’ vibrant red 1997 240sx sliding through the cones.

A drift car on Houstons Main St in Downtown??

A drift car on Houston's Main St in Downtown??

You may remember this clean car from our past coverage of the September 13th drift event. After the tire smoke subsided, and the dust settled, we asked Justin if we could shoot his car for the Mayday blog.

Dallas: Stance of the Union

Another forum that we keep up with is www.stanceworks.com and on October 17th, 2009, they will be hosting a meet in Dallas, TX.

Gonna be in Dallas on 10/17? Be there!

Gonna be in Dallas on 10/17? Be there!

Personally, I love the idea that there will be a nice, quality meet here in Texas, and am excited to see what becomes of it. If you live near Dallas, you better be there! Afterwards, come join us at the Texas LoneStar Bash the next day!

The original thread

This should be an EPIC weekend! See you there!

Houston: GGP Drift Event Coverage pt.2

Continuing from part one of Mayday’s coverage of the Houston-area September 13th drift event…

One of the greatest things I like about local, grassroots motor sports events is the people that come out to them. Of course it’s always great to see the drift cars, but for many, the event is a great excuse to get out and catch up with some friends and acquaintances. For me, it’s fun to see both old and new faces and to see what new toys people have since the last time i’ve seen their cars.

Ameen Rizvi saying hi to some old friends

Ameen Rizvi saying hi to some old friends

Houston: GGP Drift Event Coverage pt.1

Heat, Breeze, Heat, Rain, Heat again was the weather pattern for the local grassroots drift event that was hosted this weekend by Aaron Loosely at Gulf Greyhound Park. The turnout this weekend was better than I expected with everyone keeping the “whips” indoors until the much anticipated Lonestar Bash that will be going down in October. It is good to see more of these types events going on, as the local drift community was going through bit of a stall there for a bit. Lots of action on Sunday, from great solo runs to 5 car tandems it was a very entertaining event. Friends, Cars, Girls and Speed…what better way to spend a Sunday.

OTWeb: JDM-Insider Clip, A Street Drifting Classic

As I mentally prep myself for the local drift event that will be going down this up and coming weekend on September 13, I was reminded of a bad ass section of a JDM-Insider video. The Clip is from the 2nd Video, and I am sure most people that will see this post have already watched this video… To this day, it still gets me pumped. Toshi Hayama and his crew at JDM-Insider/Stage 10 were definitely on top of their game when they were recording this material. When you watch this clip pay attention to the flavor that the material has. No flashy effects or overbearing music, just raw material, gotta love it.