Houston: Kimo’s Last minute Meet @ Bear Creek pt. 1

If there is one thing that Houston has, it is some fun meets. Yesterday at Bear Creek Park here in Houston a last minute team meet was held. Kimo, an originator of Team Sunworks hosted the meet at the park starting at 3:00pm and went until night fall. I had a really good time, and saw some faces that I haven’t seen in a while. Being an event organizer myself, I have to admit that the one thing about this industry that never gets old is the people; it is always refreshing to meet up and chill with people that have the same interests as you. Below are some pictures taken by David Do of the Mayday Collective, I will get some of mine up a bit later.

Houston: A day at 786 Motoring pt.1

Well, if you are from this region of America (i.e. Texas) and you have ever been a part of the drift community, whether to drift or be a spectator, then you have undoubtedly heard of 786 Motoring. Last Saturday I had actually dropped in to say what’s up to my good friends over at 786 Motoring, Ameen and Amir Rizvi (Brothers, and owners of 786) to see when the next night drifting activity is going down (stay tuned for some vids :exvitermini style: ). While there, I saw a couple of cars that I thought deserved a bit of attention. Although all I had was a 28-135 kit lens with my 40D that day, I still snapped a couple of pictures and went about my way to Dim Sum later that day. These were cars were just sitting in the lot, begging to be driven.

Here’s a couple.

Alex from Dailydrifter.com (on temporary leave from drifting due to family.) Also, note, Alex is one of the pioneers of organized drifting in Houston, along with John Yim, and some others *skipping my mind right now*)

Alex DD

Alex DD

OTWeb: Jay @Fatlace Pizarro Aristo in the Flesh!!

Last week I posted Jay Pizarro’s Aristo getting ready for his first public appearance, well, here it is. These pictures are courtesy of Hellaflush (www.Hellaflush.com), and Mike Garrett @ Speedhunters as his car was debuted at Formula D Sonoma. I don’t have any words to describe his car..as it is one of my favorites.

Note: As clean as this car is, it was built for track.

OTWeb: More Aristo from Revolfe, Courtesy of Dino @ Speedhunters

Yet another Aristo, this one being a Wangan beast, shot in Japan, this Aristo is produce by Revolfe. Specifications go with any dream Aristo build, high horsepower modifications, Getrag JZA80 6-speed conversion mounted to the car, sitting on classic Volk Te-37s. Not to mention Brembo brake upgrade and a whole bunch of carbon fiber goodies. Enjoy, Pictures are courtesy of Dino Carbonare, a blogger and photographer for Speedhunters who is currently in Japan.

OTWeb: Sessions Aristo

Old news, but this Sessions Aristor is timeless, in fact, I think I need to store all of the past badassery that people have posted up for records. If anyone has the red interior pictures of this car, please pass them my way, it would be greatly appreciated :)

The pictures are courtesy of some random Japanese guy/girl in Japan. This car is raw, always has been, always will be.

OTWeb: Garage Mak Total Tuning Car Shop

In 2003, I remember my homeboy TJ aka TDJ (D standing for douche), bought me my very first Hyper Rev magazine when he was in Japan. At the time I had an 89′ S13 coupe, it was my first real wheel drive car, a pignose coupe, I loved the car. I had picked it up for $900.00, and it was slow as hell, but I was already envisioning the slew of modification that I was going to throw at the car. My eyes intensely scanned threw this “Bible” that was brought back to me from Japan, The Silva Hyper Rev. Amongst all of these pages of material that I could not understand (because I’m not Japanese), there were quite few aesthetically pleasing aero kits for the S13 Silvia, but there was one company that stood above all, and that was Garage Mak. Their material was sooo ill; from their front end conversions all the way to gangster super wide fender flares with rivets, I wanted it all. So, courtesy of their website I am going to share a couple of pictures courtesy of Garage Mak for those that just don’t know.

This is the exact car that sold me on this company their S13 Time attack car. At the time of the Hyper Rev that I had 2003-04, I believe this car was Silver with Black fender flares, and a lot more aggressive. Who knows, my Hyper Rev was stolen, and this is the oldest Garage Mak picture I can find, courtesy of Sport Compact Car.